Patrick Horne

Managing Partner

Patrick A. Horne

Mr. Horne started his career with the financial services industry in 2009. His seven years prior were spent touring the world, working as a grip and electric in the motion picture industry where he additionally took on a variety of small television, theatrical and graphic design projects which included the likes of Glaxo-Smith-Klein and Novartis. A particularly extraordinary graphic design and “branding” opportunity in Richmond, Virginia sprang Patrick out of the free-lance world of cables, rigging and traveling, and into the very necessary world of Life Insurance and Financial Planning. Not one to look back, Patrick very much enjoys his diverse Client base and putting their needs first. Most rewarding, is the team approach he takes with his organization of specialists and experts, helping his Clients take a holistic approach to their planning needs and their own vision of the future.

In his spare time, Patrick still enjoys photography for leisure and special projects such as the occasional wedding, enjoys riding his restored 1968 Campagnolo bicycle, running 10Ks, checking out old movies, volunteering with local domestic violence shelters, the local YMCA and civic organizations dedicated to a better city through sustainable living practices. He also manages to yield a crop of food every season in his community garden… with the help of his nieces and family, of course. Patrick resides in Greensboro, North Carolina.

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