Marc Nelson

Managing Partner

Marc G. Nelson

Marc G. Nelson is Chairman of Signature Insurance Services Inc., Managing Partner of Signature Financial Services Group, LLC., and is President of ESOP Corporate Resources Inc., and has been deeply involved in Advanced Corporate Planning Strategies, Corporate Benefits and Employee Benefits communities since 1989. These companies and their various principals have had a presence in the California and National Business markets for over 25 years. The companies market, design and implement Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP's), Advanced Corporate Benefits Plans and Employee Benefits for privately held and public corporations in multiple states. In conjunction with these services the companies also provide Executive Benefits Planning Services, Estate Planning Services and Wealth Management services for both executives and high net worth individuals. The companies work on a referral only basis.

Mr. Nelson shares responsibility for ESOP case design and implementation, design & implementation of advanced corporate planning strategies, design & implementation of employee benefits plans, qualified plan investment studies, including insurance studies, client support and sales for the firms multiple affiliates in multiple states. Mr. Nelson also has some executive overview and marketing responsibilities and is a Registered Representative of Lincoln Financial Securities Corp.

Mr. Nelson emigrated to the United States of America in 1982 and is a US Citizen. He has been working in his current field since 1989. Mr. Nelson was educated in the English School system while growing up in Africa. Mr. Nelson holds AEB certificates and advanced studies with an emphasis in Industrial Engineering and History. The similar U.S. equivalencies are Degrees in Industrial Engineering and in History. He and his family reside in both Orange County California and Prescott Arizona.

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